Pricing Information

Here you can find more information about the Pricing.


Since version 6.0.0 the plugin is now a freemium plugin.

That means that the plugin is completely free to use, but some functionalities and extra features are only available for subscribed users.

There is also a free trial to test out those features before subscribing.

Thanks for your support for all these years, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Price Lists

The plugin is delivered with a perpetual license. It means that after 12 months it is free to use until the next major release, if there is one.

Individual License Monthly subscription Annual Subscription
Price $1.50 $15.00 (20% discount)
Enterprise License Monthly subscription Annual Subscription
Price $7.50 $75.00 (20% discount)

Note: Sales tax might be added depending on your location.

Discounts and Free Licenses

Although there are no tiers, there are many discount community programs:

Title Discount
Students and Teachers Free
Classroom Assistance Free
Open Source Projects Free
Plugin Developers Free
Startups 50% off
Training courses, coding schools and bootcamps Free
Non-profit Organizations 50% off
JetBrains User Groups Free
Backers and Contributors Free

To apply, simply follow the instructions given on this link:

Besides, people that have contributed more than $1.00 in the past (before February 12, 2021), be it from PayPal or OpenCollective, can be eligible to a free lifetime license!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with your contact information at to apply.

Lite Version

You can also find a lite version available for free here but with limited features: Material Theme UI Lite

Feature Comparison:

Feature Free Version Premium Version Lite Version
Built-in Themes Yes Yes Yes
Color Schemes Yes Yes Yes
File Status Colors Yes Yes Yes (not configurable)
Accent Colors Yes Yes Yes (not configurable)
Support Yes Yes Yes (limited)
Wallpapers Yes Yes Yes
Compactness Customization Yes Yes No
Material Components Partial Yes No
Components Customization Partial Yes No
Premium Themes No Yes No
Fonts No Yes No
Custom Themes No Yes No
Tab Customization No Yes No
Project View Customization No Yes No
Language Additions No Yes No
External Themes Partial Yes No
Update rate High High Medium