Icon Associations Editor

In-app Icon Associations Edition

View, Add and Edit your icon associations!


Since version 50.0 (5.0.0) of the Atom Material Icons plugin, a new Settings Page has been added allowing you to view, add, remove or edit the plugin’s associations directly from inside the IDE.

Icon Associations Editor
Icon Associations Editor

Note: This screen will replace the current “Custom Associations” settings page, which is going to be removed in a future released. Currently defined custom associations will need to be migrated to the new page.


View current assocations

Thanks to these tables, you will now be able to have a quick glance to all available file and folder associations of the plugin.

Associations are made of the following parts:

  • Name - An unique identifier
  • Enabled — whether the association should be matched
  • Pattern — The pattern to match the file path/folder name against
  • Icon — The icon to display. You can use your own icons (SVG only).
  • Priority — The association’s priority. Associations with higher priority are matched first.

TIP: Always assign a lower priority to “generic extensions”, such as png, json, md. That way, defining custom associations such as package.json will be processed first. Alternatively, you could also assign higher priority to custom association.

Search for an association

You can use the Search bar at the top of the table to filter out the table by looking for associations having the search term in their name or pattern.


You can toggle/add/edit/remove the associations the same way it was done for the now deprecated Custom Associations. A quick reminder of the rules for making an association:

  • Names should be unique
  • Pattern should be a valid regular expression pattern
  • Pattern should start with .* for file associations only
  • Priority must be a positive number
  • Icon Path can be selected from the file system and must point out to SVG icons. Please note that the size is not checked, so please make sure to use 16×16 SVG icons.

New and edited associations will appear blue at the top of the table, indicating that they are not the default associations provided by the plugin.

Toggle Pattern Highlighting

On the top of the table you can find a button allowing you to turn on the syntax highlighting for regular expression patterns. This should give you a better visibility of your defined regexps.

This toggle is off by default due to the heavy load it puts on the table. Please use it very carefully.

Reset Associations

A button is available at the bottom of the table to remove all custom associations and revert to the default ones.


Downloading default icons

You can download the icons provided by the plugin in the following repository: https://github.com/mallowigi/iconGenerator