Recommended Plugins

Discover great plugins and themes!

A nifty useful page to showcase plugins and themes that are worth a look!

The Material Theme UI is a great plugin, but there are also literally thousands of other plugins available in the Marketplace. Some are great, some not so much, but in any case it can be a little hard to get to find out the hidden pearls in this sea of available options.

Introducing the Recommended plugins: It’s another settings page found inside the Material Theme Settings that showcases a hand-picked list of useful plugins and remarkable themes for you to discover at a glance rather than navigating the whole sea of available plugins in the Marketplace.

Recommended Plugins
Recommended Plugins

Most of these plugins are UI-related, grouped into three sections:

  • Recommended plugins: Hand-picked list of great plugins to use alongside the Material Theme UI.
  • Material Plugins: These are the standalone paid plugins that you can buy separately instead of the main plugin.
  • Great Themes: Curated list of amazing themes that can be sideloaded with the Material Theme UI.

Come take a look! And if you have other great recommendations, please post them on the chat or in the GitHub repo!

Oh and by the way: this is a purely subjective list! So please don’t be mad if a plugin you love isn’t on the list!


Title Description
Atom Material Icons Replaces file, folders and UI icons
Color Highlighter Colorizes colors in different formats
Extra Icons An alternative File Icon Theme
Foldable Project View Fold ignored and specific directories in the Project View
Image Icon Viewer Preview Images directly in Project View and Tabs
Project Color Colorizes parts of the IDEs per project
ProjectTree Color Highlighter Apply background colors to specific folders
Rainbow Brackets Give brackets different colors by nesting level
Status Bar File Name & Recent Files Show the currently open file in the status bar
Theme Randomizer Pick a random theme at a set interval during the day
Material Design Color Palette Show a Material Design Color Palette
Focus Mode Focus current edited part of the code by making other parts dimmer
Sloppy Focus Focus editors on hover rather than on click
ANSI Highlighter Premium Renders ANSI codes in files
Friendly Terminal Add a better terminal and file explorer inside your IDE
Inspection Lens Display errors and warnings directly in the editor
ScreenCodePro Generate screenshots from your code
AppCodeAssets Easily manage your AppCode Assets
Mike's IDEA Extensions Improvements for Java, Kotlin and Android development
HTML Attribute Folder Automatically folds specific HTML attributes for a cleaner html
Code Reactions Add reactions to your code just like Slack or Discord!
Translation Add a popup window to translate text on the fly. Useful for translators!
Denigma Use machine learning to generate comments.
File Expander2 Preview archive files contents in the Project View
Kotlin Extension Indexer A nice utility to find Kotlin extension functions
TypeWriter TypeWriter is a plugin that makes your code look like it's being typed on the fly
Extensions Manager (Paid) A nice UI to view and manage your plugins inside a tool window
StickyScroll Add a panel on the top that keep the current scope you're scrolling into.