Project View Settings

Customize the Project View's appearance

Customize the Project View’s appearance: indent, items’ height, font size and so on.

Custom sidebar height

This feature is available in the free plan.

Following Material Design principles, this plugin is adding more padding to many of the components used in the IDE, such as Tables, Lists and Tree. This setting will allow you to override this behavior and specify a custom line height in your tree views, such as the Project View and the Settings View.

The allowed values are between 18 and 30 in order to keep the IDEs within reasonable sizes. The default value when unchecked is 28.

Regular Line Height
Regular Line Height
Padded Line Height
Padded Line Height

Custom tree indent

This feature is only available for premium users.

Another tree views’ feature is the ability to customize the indentation of the items. This might be useful for projects that have a lot of nesting levels and do not want unnecessary scrolling.

You can customize the left and right indent at ease, though recommended values vary between 4 and 10.

The allowed values vary between 0 and 40, with the default being 6.

Condensed indent (2)
Condensed indent (2)
Dilated indent (8)
Dilated indent (8)

Styled Directories

This feature is only available for premium users.

This setting allows you to set a custom style for directories in the Project View. This could be useful to immediately differentiate between files and directories (default off).

The options for configuring the style of directories can be found inside the Custom File Colors Settings

Styled directories
Styled directories

Please note that since it’s a Color Scheme feature, the style must be configured per color scheme rather than application-wide. This is great though for applying different styles according to the color scheme.

This feature is available from versions 2.9 and above.

Indicator Style and Thickness

This feature is only available for premium users.

This setting allows you to customize the Selected Tree Item Indicator (the left accentued border) for more flavors.

These are the available styles:

Style Screenshot
None (no indicator)

You can also customize the thickness of the said indicator with a value between 1 and 5.

You can also switch styles in the Actions Panel.

Font Size

These feature is only available for premium users.

Here you can fine tune the font size of the Project View Panes without changing the Font Size of the whole IDE.

Note that you need to restart the IDE for it to be applied.


  • Tree views settings work in all tree views, even views such as “Project Structure” or “Remote Host”
  • Font Size also replace the Font inside settings.