Project Frame Settings

Project Frame related settings

This feature is only available for premium users.

This panel controls all settings related to the Project Frame feature.


What is Project Frame?

This feature has been inspired by a Visual Studio Code plugin, Unique Window Colors. Its concept is to provide a better visualization of your opened projects by adding a colored stripe on top of each window, with a unique color automatically generated from the project name!

Project Frame Colors
Project Frame Colors

This feature is available since version 5.2.0. Previously available under the Features tab, since version 6.6.0 it has its own settings tab, with all it’s customization abilities.

Project Frame Settings
Project Frame Settings

Enable/Disable Project Frame Colors

This setting simply enables or disables the Project Frame. When enabled, a new stripe is added on the top of the IDE, just below the title bar, displaying the Project name in a randomly generated background color.

Project Frame Colors
Project Frame Colors

As stated above, the background color is generated from the project name. Meaning, that if two projects have similar names, they would have similar colors as well.

This can be a great when having multiple opened projects, to easily distinguish between each of them.

Show Project Name

Since version 6.6.0, you can now decide to hide the Project Name displayed on the bar.

Hide Project Name
Hide Project Name

Since the project name is already displayed on the title bar, it can be a little jarring to have it on both the title bar and the Project Frame, therefore this setting can be useful for limiting the information displayed on screen.

Show Project Icon

As of 2021.2, a pretty unknown feature has been put up to the spotlight by JetBrains, which is the ability to set an icon to projects. This setting makes use of this feature to directly display the said icon to the Project Frame Toolbar.

Project Icons
Project Icons

This can prove very useful when having multiple projects open at once. Moreover, it can be activated on a per-project basis as well!

This feature is available since 6.7.0.

Note: At that moment, only SVG icons are supported.

Customize Text

Another option, rather than hiding the Project Name, would be to actually replace it with a text of your choice.

Custom Project Frame Text
Custom Project Frame Text

That means that you can customize what’s displayed on the bar with unicode characters, emojis, etc. This, coupled with the ability to set settings per-project, can be quite useful as well for better recognizing between windows :)

Hint: There are a few keywords available to use:

  • {project}: the current project’s name
  • {module}: the current module name (for projects supporting modules, such as Java or Rider)
  • {file}: the current filename

Per-Project Settings

Since version 6.6.0, you can also override the global settings on a per-project basis:

  • Select a custom color
  • Show/Hide the project title
  • Show/Hide the project icon
  • Set a custom text per project

Note: You would still need to Enable the Global Project Frame Colors setting, so that the frame is added to the IDE. This cannot be enabled/disabled per-project.