Main Settings

Main Settings for the Material Theme

Configure the main settings of the plugin: Theme, Contrast mode and Accent Color.

Selected Theme

This dropdown will allow you to change the currently selected theme just like the Quick Switcher.

Switch Theme in Settings
Switch Theme in Settings

Note that External Themes and Native Themes won’t show up in this list.

Contrast Mode

The contrast mode allows you to add more contrast between the IDE’s panels and components for better visualization.

Without Contrast enabled
Without Contrast enabled
With Contrast enabled
With Contrast enabled

The parts that are affected by the contrast change are:

  • The project tree
  • The settings tree
  • Inactive tabs
  • Input, Search and number controls
  • Dropdowns
  • Lists and Tables
  • etc…

Color Palette

Deep ocean
Monokai pro
Github dark
Arc dark
One dark
One light
Solarized dark
Solarized light
Night owl
Light owl

High Contrast

This feature is only available for premium users.

This option increases the contrast between the editor and the IDE, just like other editors such as Visual Studio Code or Atom.

High Contrast
High Contrast

There is already a Contrast Mode which is providing contrast between different panes of the editor, such as the Trees or the inputs, but this feature actually increases the contrast between the IDE itself and the editor. You can even set High Contrast when in Contrast Mode!

Very High Contrast
Very High Contrast

The High Contrast mode is setting the main background color and contrast color darker, while setting the “Text Color” brighter (and vice-versa for light themes), such as the color of the tree items. Other colors, such as the main foreground colors or button colors are left unchanged.

Custom Accent Color

This setting controls the current accent color used throughout the app.

Accent color is used in many places such as:

  • Quick documentation
  • Parameter Info
  • Links and bold texts in documentation panels
  • Text, number and password boxes border
  • Dropdowns border
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons fill color
  • etc…

While a set of predefined accent colors are available in the Accent Color Chooser, this setting allows you to set your own custom color.

Accent Color Chooser
Accent Color Chooser

Override Accent Color

From version 2.6.0 there exists the possibility to override the custom accent color with the default one bundled with the theme. For instance, for Oceanic the accent color will be teal while for Darker it will be orange etc.

This is especially useful for external themes, so that Themes designers can provide their own accent color.


  • Contrast color is also used inside “striped tables”, independently of the setting.
  • Some resources, such as the scrollbar, will not get the new custom accent color until next restart.
  • The Override Accent Color from Theme setting will take precedence over the selected accent color.