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What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.7.0

This version integrates the new Project Icons to the Project Frame Colors, as well as fixing many issues as usual.

Project Icon in the Project Frame

In the continuity in the development of the Project Frame Feature, a new capability has been added to allow you to view the Custom Project Icon in the toolbar.

Project Icons
Project Icons

This can prove very useful when having multiple projects open at once. Moreover, it can be activated on a per-project basis as well!

Note: This feature is only available for 2021.2 versions and later unfortunately, as support for project icons wasn’t complete in the 2021.1 versions. This could still change though, depending on JetBrains’ progress.

Better support for the XPathView plugin

This version improves support for the XPathView plugin by providing better colors to the highlighted results.

Thanks for Unthrottled for the implementation!

Other fixes

  • Language Additions: Fix back console, window, global not being colored correctly. (#1780)
  • Refactor File Status Colors, allowing to restore the file status colors when resetting the color scheme (#1732)
  • Fix #1773
  • Fix #1764
  • Fix #1776
  • Improve unused variables contrast (#1775)

That’s it. And as always,

Happy coding!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.6.0

This version brings out the first per-project settings, alongside new settings for the Project Frame. Now you can even more customize your IDE on a per-project basis!

Project Frame Customizations

One of the latest updates of the Material Theme was a feature allowing you to add a “custom frame”, or “toolbar”, at the top of the window with a different color per project.

This feature, named Project Frame Colors, was inspired by a VS Code plugin, and was positively adopted by users.

As a result, new customization capabilities were added to that feature to stand out even more.

Previously inside the Features tab, these settings are now located under a new tab, Project Frame.

Project Frame Settings
Project Frame Settings

Here’s a quick recap of the new settings:

  • Show Project Name: Whether to display the project name on the frame
  • Customize Text: Replace the project name with a custom text

These are not much, but they signalize the beginning of a new set of improvements for this feature!

Per-Project Settings

This is the second highlight of this release: the ability to override the global settings on a per-project basis.

Per-Project Settings
Per-Project Settings

As you can see in this screenshot, the two projects have different settings for the Active Tab and the Project Frame. This will allow you to customize even more your IDE, now having different settings for each project.

At this time, the only available settings are:

  • Active Tab Highlight and Thickness
  • Uppercase Tabs
  • Tab highlight position
  • Project Frame Color
  • Project Frame’s Project Title’s Display
  • Project Frame’s custom text

Other settings, such as the current theme, the accent color or the compact settings, are much harder to implement since they use the same underlying UI for all windows, but maybe in the future we’ll find a way to make it work.

Other fixes and improvements

And like always, this release also has its lot of bug fixes:

  • Improve Light themes by setting black borders to white
  • Fixes the {0} in the “What’s new” menu
  • Change the Highlight Color for the Arc Dark Theme

That’s it. And as always,

Happy coding!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.5.0

This version finally implements the so long waited Sync Settings!!! Now you can finally sync your Material Theme Settings across your environments! And of course a new set of features and bug fixes.

Sync Material Theme UI Settings

This was one of our most waited features since… forever, and it is finally here! You can finally share your Material Theme Settings and Custom Theme using the Sync Settings plugin.

Sync Settings
Sync Settings

Please note however that this is highly depending on the Sync Settings implementation. There are still some discrepencies with how the Sync Settings should work, as you can show in this YouTrack issue. But theoretically your Material Theme Settings should be shared across your stations.

Important note: This feature has been tested between two stations having the same premium model i.e., both being with the free plan and both being with the premium plan. There’s no guarantee of what would happen if settings were shared between a free and premium plan!

Inverted Selection Color

Latest releases drastically changed a day-one feature from the Material Theme plugin, the auto complete list’s selected option color. This has been done after running a quick poll with some Material Theme users to determine which option was better in terms of contrast.

However, this change might have caused some disagreements with the previous behaviour. Some users, like me, prefer the old style.

Therefore, I’ve decided to include a new setting to select your preferred style, Inverted Selection Color.

Inverted Selection Color
Inverted Selection Color

More information in the Component Settings documentation

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fix issue with Language Additions being applied to object keys and methods (https://github.com/ChrisRM/material-theme-jetbrains/issues/1742)
  • Fix issue with Language Additions not being applied to JSX and Vue files (https://github.com/ChrisRM/material-theme-jetbrains/issues/1744)
  • Fix the fatal error preventing CodeWithMe to be run when Material Theme UI is enabled.
  • Complete GitHub and GitHub Dark color schemes to include missing styles already existing in other schemes (such as Rust, ReSharper, Osmorc and so on).
  • Also, the Accent Mode settings moved to the Features Tab rather than Components Tab.
  • Add a new action to display the What’s new Page in the toolbar.

That’s it. And as always,

Happy coding!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.4.2

This version improves the themes colors to provide better contrasts, as well as fixing the issue with some settings remaining locked despite being in the free plan. And some new features too:

Display the What’s new page on each update

Since 2021.1 JetBrains introduced the capabitilty to display a webpage in the editor, and this has been used to show, well, this page actually. However, while it’s nice to know what has been updated, it can be a bit annoying to see this popping up at every update.

Therefore, a new switch has been added in the Other Settings tab, to let users control whether they want this page to show up.

Theme improvements

Some theme colors have been improved to have better contrasts. Such themes are:

  • Arc Dark
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Dark
  • Night Owl
  • Palenight
  • Lighter
  • Deep Ocean

Moreover, the selected background color is no longer transparent, as it was causing some rendering issues.

Note: Some of the aforementioned changes are reflected in the Color Schemes, not only on the UI Themes. Therefore, you would need to Restore Color Schemes for the changes to be applied.

Other improvements

  • Fix Wizards and Menus to not lock settings that are part of the free plan.
  • Remove border color for tool windows
  • Do not reset the registry’s value transparentTitleBarAppearance when in the free plan.
  • Fix the Settings search to return the Material Theme UI Settings.

That’s it. And as always,

Happy coding!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.9.0


  • Make External Themes as a dynamic extension point
  • Increase the number of windows/popups that are under an overlay:
    • Recent Files
    • Quick Switchers
    • Branch Chooser``
    • and others


  • Fix issue where checkboxes were invisible
  • Fix issue where local history information was unreadable


  • More and more classes converted to Kotlin

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.8.2

Yet another bug-fix release, alongside small features and an overgoing refactor.




  • More and more classes converted to Kotlin

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.8.1

This new release is a bug-fix version, principally to rename and disable by default the experimental feature of Large Tool Windows (previously named Striped Tool Windows).


  • Restore the JetBrains layout as the default one
  • Fix error when switching themes when inside a modal
  • Fix transparency during drag and drop
  • Fix Show What’s new option not being respected


  • Renamed “Striped Tool Windows” to “Large Tool Windows” to be clearer.
  • Upgrade gradle to 7.2

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.8.0

This version’s features consists in the ability to display an overlay when modals are open, make the Active Tab Bold, show notifications when actions are executed, and add a few more settings to the bundled wizards. And of course, a few improvements along the way. Oh, and the project is slowly converting into Kotlin :)


Your IDE can now display overlays when modals are open, providing better focus to the information at hand.

Modals Overlay
Modals Overlay
Settings Overlay
Settings Overlay

These overlays show up in the following modal windows:

  • Alerts
  • Dialogs
  • New File Window
  • Search Everything
  • Run Anything

Please open issues in the repository if you wish for more modals to be affected!

Bold Active Tab

A new option made its way to the tab settings section, which is the ability to make the current tab as bold.

Active Tab as Bold
Active Tab as Bold

Also, another older setting, Uppercase Bold Tabs has been stripped of its rather broken implementation of bold tabs, and is now only setting the tabs as ++Uppercase++, hence the new name.

Make Run Configurations using the Compact Settings

A small but notable change is the Run Configurations now displaying as a dropdown list with different paddings, according to the Compact Dropdown Lists setting, the same way the other dropdowns do.

Padded Run Configuration
Padded Run Configuration
Compact Run Configuration
Compact Run Configuration

Show notifications upon executing actions

Another small but great improvement is the display of notifications (“toasts”) after executing actions. This makes it easier to notice what exactly happened at a glance.

Example Notification
Example Notification

Add newer settings to the Wizards

Last but not least, a few of the latest settings have been added to the Wizard, in order to better showcase them. These include:

  • Latest Show Overlays feature
  • Latest Bold Active Tab feature
  • Tab Font Size
  • Project Frame Colors

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.4.1

Yet another bug fixes version.

This fixes the issue where changing the theme from the Material Theme Settings caused the theme to not be saved.

Fixes a threading error caused when switching color schemes.

accents and file-status-colors are part of the pricing but appears requiring the Premium Version.

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.4.0

This version closes the gap with some leftover tasks, mainly about UI Theme Properties and Color Scheme Properties, while continuing to improve the Striped Tool Windows feature.

UI Theme Additions

Learn IDE Features Theming

The plugin continues its process to theme all parts of the IDE, even those that are currently non-themable. And one of those is the Learn IDE plugin’s pane.

Learn IDE Unthemed
Learn IDE Unthemed
Learn IDE Unthemed
Learn IDE Unthemed

Color Scheme Additions

Inlay Hints

Another non-themed part were the inlay hints that can be displayed in different places of the editor.

Inlay Hints Unthemed
Inlay Hints Unthemed
Inlay Hints Themed
Inlay Hints Themed
Inlay Parameters Unhemed
Inlay Parameters Unhemed
Inlay Parameters Themed
Inlay Parameters Themed

Problems Toolbar

This is the small transparent toolbar that appears on the top right of the editor window to display the current file’s problems. Although it looked like it was themed, the hovered buttons were not.

Problems Toolbar Unthemed
Problems Toolbar Unthemed
Problems Toolbar Themed
Problems Toolbar Themed

Inline refactoring toolbar

Last but not least, the inline refactoring toolbar was themed as well.

Inline Refactoring Unthemed
Inline Refactoring Unthemed
Inline Refactoring Themed
Inline Refactoring Themed

NOTE: Because these additions are on the color schemes, you will need to Restore Color Schemes to default in case you edited them.

Scrollbars Track Colors

New settings have been added to the Scrollbars Color Scheme page to allow changing the color of the scrollbar track.

Scrollbars Track Colors
Scrollbars Track Colors

Improved Material Theme UI Landing Page Settings

The Material Theme UI Landing Page have been improved to simplify accessing the Marketplace to buy the plugin and activating your License.

Material Theme UI Landing Page
Material Theme UI Landing Page

Other fixes and improvements

  • Now, enabling the Striped Tool Windows will require a restart if it wasn’t enabled before
  • Fix the Striped Tool Windows issue where opening a project on the same window would cause the closed project icons to remain on the toolbars.
  • Fix NullPointerExcpetion in Rider.
  • Fix Moonlight identifier under caret’s color
  • Add missing Android Studio Theme Keys (which will only be available once Android Studio migrates to 2021.1)

That’s it! And as JetBrains say,

Happy Developing!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.3.3?

Bug fixes, improvements, and more information about the Subscription Model in the Plugin Page. Hopefully this will put a stop to users uninstalling the plugin! 😣

More info about the Subscription Model

Since the new model has been implemented, many users started complaining about the change thinking that the plugin will be no longer free and that they will be left with nothing but to pay in order to continue using the plugin. Or that the plugin using a subscription model means that they will need to pay for it every year.

But that is not the case. In fact, there is a long article explaining the reasons behind the change. Unfortunately, people were unaware of this, and the first thing they saw is that the plugin is suddenly paid, and of course being left with incomprehension.

As a result, I’ve added more information in the plugin page as well, so that hopefully people will be able to better understand the circumstances of the change as well as the many options available.

Bug Fixes

  • The Outline buttons are no longer transparent as transparency is not really supported in the IDE. Instead, the buttons use color mixing to simulate transparency. This should make the outlined buttons feature more comfortable to use.
  • Language Additions are no longer appearing inside comments or JSX Tags. Hope this will be the last of it!
  • Now when changing settings without changing the theme, the color scheme will NOT BE RESET.
  • Same for executing actions such as the Striped Tool Windows, Language Additions, etc.


  • Two new actions have been added to the Quick Action Panels: Outline Buttons and Language Additions.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript additions requiring the Enforced Highlighting are now annotated as such in the Color Scheme Setting Pages.

That’s it! And as JetBrains say,

Happy Developing!

What’s new in Material Theme UI v6.3.0?

New JavaScript and TypeScript additions, Outline Buttons improvements and a brand new Striped Tool Windows layout. Here’s a quick glance of the new features.

Striped Tool Windows Layout

This feature is available in the free plan.

The new version of the Material Theme UI makes use of the new experimental feature in progress by JetBrains: The Striped Tool Windows.

This new layout, heavily reminding of VSCode, replaces the tool windows by larger stripes on the left and right side of the screen. It also strips the buttons of all texts, making the IDE feeling less cluttered.

Striped Tool Windows
Striped Tool Windows

This feature is disabled by default, but you can go back to the old layout via the Settings or the Material UI Actions Panel.

Quick Actions Panel
Quick Actions Panel

JavaScript and TypeScript Additions

The Language Additions feature has started undergoing a big revamping. The feature, albeit useful, is suffering from many performance issues and weird behaviours. For example, PHP Additions were available even though the PHP plugin wasn’t installed on the IDEs.

This is the beginning of a long refactor of such a useful feature, starting from two very popular languages: JavaScript and TypeScript.

In addition, the list of available additions has been greatly expanded for these languages, allowing users to configure almost everything.

JavaScript Additions
JavaScript Additions

Here’s the list of new additions:


  • Globals: window, document, global
  • Primitives: NaN
  • Keywords:
    • abstract, class, extends, implements
    • async, await
    • constructor
    • static
    • get, set
    • if, else, for, while, do
    • in, of, instanceof, typeof, as
    • default
    • new, throw
    • return, yield
    • try, catch, finally
  • Other: prototype


  • Keywords:
    • declare, namespace
    • enum
    • keyof
    • readonly
    • type, interface, alias
  • Types:
    • any, unknown, never
    • string, boolean, number, object, symbol, bigint, void

Of course, the bundled color schemes have been extended to support those new additions, by comparing them with their VSCode/Sublime counterpart.

Enforce Highlighting

However, due to a limitation in JetBrains’ syntax highlighting, some additions might not be highlighted as expected, as the language’s highlighting will take precedence over the additions. To remedy that, a setting has been added in the Material Theme Settings, Enforce Highlighting, which would give the language additions higher precedence by making them appear as Weak Warnings.

Enforce Highlighting
Enforce Highlighting

This, of course, has the side effect of adding a lot of “fake errors”, therefore, it’s disabled by default.

Scrollbars Color Settings

The Scrollbars Color Settings are back! Although they are available in the General Color Scheme Colors, not all values are available there.

This update restores this setting page so people can comfortably tweak their scrollbar colors.

More info at the Scrollbars Page

Other fixes and improvements

  • Outlined buttons have been slightly expanded to be more similar to their normal counterpart.
  • The button highlighters have been slightly improved
  • Fix for #1720
  • Fix for #1722
  • Fix for #1725
  • Fix for #1727
  • Fix for #1728